Self-Power and Other-Power

The distinction between self-power and other-power is a useful one that may be applied across all forms of Buddhism. The following tables chart the self-power and other-power aspects of various Buddhist traditions.

Self-PowerAndOther-PowerInBuddhistTraditions-TABLE (PDF)

Self-Power and Other-Power in Buddhist Traditions-TABLE (MS Word)

Model For Comparing Religious Traditions-General (MS Word)

ModelComparingReligiousTraditions-4Factors (PDF)

Model Comparing Religious Traditions-4 Factors (MS Word)

ModelComparingReligiousTraditions-6Factors (PDF)

Model Comparing Religious Traditions-6 Factors (MS Word)

ModelComparingReligiousTraditions-BuddhistView-1 (PDF)

Model Comparing Religious Traditions-Buddhist View-1 (MS Word)

ModelComparingReligiousTraditions-BuddhistView-2 (PDF)

Model Comparing Religious Traditions-Buddhist View-2 (MS Word)